LWXLJMJZC2013yr Shou Mei Aged White Tea -Chuan Cheng(Heritage) White Tea - 100g/3.52oz

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IMPERIAL White TeaWhite Tea Leaves sourced from the premium quality tea leaves cultivated in the 800 meters mountain on Fujian province, China.
ENRICHED FLORAL AROMA & DELICIOUS TASTE: After oxidation, aged shou mei white tea offers a dark, full brew with a earthy taste. The cup has a subtle sweetness and is well-balanced, with delicate walnut flavor overtones
WORLD'S HEALTHIEST TEA TYPEShou mei is renowned for its wide range of health benefits and weight-loss. Low-Caffeine & Anti-Oxidants Helps your Body to Get Rid of Toxins, Thereby Increasing your Immunity and Promoting Clear Glowing Skin and it stimulates the metabolism.
HOW TO BREW IT PROPERLY1).Put 1 teaspoon (2-3gram) Shou mei loose leaf tea into a cup or tea pot. 2). Fill the cup or tea pot with 250ml/8.8oz, boil the water then let cool to 85-90185-195 F. 3).Wait until you see tea leaves are extended and present an elegant look in the cup. (3-5 mins) 4).When the water becomes brownish red , enjoy your tea.
100% PURE TEAS: No Oils, No Added Aromas, No Added Flavours, No Artificial Essences, Just Pure and Natural Teas. Our Teas are Completely Pure with Only Natural Ingredients Added to Them.