Silent Hamster Wheel Toy, Wooden Hamster Running Wheel Exercise Wheel, Non Slip Spinner Hamster Cage Accessories for Syrian Hamster Gerbils Rat Mice Chinchillas Small Pets (S-5.5inches)

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3 Size: There are three sizes of hamster running wheels, small diameter 14cm/5.5in, medium diameter 17cm/6.7in, large diameter 19cm/7.5in. Different specifications of running wheels are suitable for most pets, Perfect playground for mice, chinchillas, guinea pig, syrian rat, gerbil and dwarf hamster. Please check the size of your pet before ordering to make sure they can play with these interactive toys well.
Safe Wood-plastic Board Material: Our rat wheel is made of quality Wooden board and PVC material, which is durable, eco-friendly, nontoxic and chew-resistant, safe to your pet.
Silent and No Noise: Our quiet spinner adopts a stainless steel bearing design, rolling smoothly and silently, so that the hamster will not disturb your rest and sleep during exercise, it brings your little hamster endless running happiness, keep them to exercise for maintaining their strength and well-being.
Firm and Non-slip: The hamster exeicise wheel does not fall off, non-slip convex lines design allows your pet to not slip and get hurt while running and playing, safe to use, easy to put into the pet cage. The accessories of the hamster wheel can be fixed in the proper positionand, you can adjust the height of the hamster wheel to fit the species of your small pets.
Easy To Install and Clean: The exercise hamster cage attachment comes with instructions and installation tools, is very easy to mount to most cages. The wood-plastic board material can be washed with water and will not fade, you can wipe it with a cloth to easily clean. Do not immerse the shaft in water!