Rolife Hamster Exercise Wheel Hamster Chew Toys Hamster Accessories Hamster Houses and Hideouts 7 Pack - Blue

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7 Pack Hamster Chew toys - Super cute. The Hamster Accessories include exercise wheels, hamster houses and hideouts, pet swing, sand bath, seesaw, food bowl and fitness circle.
Easy to Assemble - Easy to build and fit together nicely. You just need follow our instruction to finish the wooden house and fitness circle easily. They are sturdy and looks amazing. Your mouse will love to run around and hide in them.
Silent Exercise Wheel - The diameter of hamster wheel silent spinner is 16.5cm/ 6.44''. Silent structure which avoid disturbing others when your animal run at night. Non-slip convex lines enlarge friction and enhance stability to avoid false step.
Enrich Hamster Life - The wood is very durable which makes it great for him to chew on. The plastic sand bath is easy to clean. The toys allow your beloved hamster to do more exercise and keep him healthier.
Gifts For your Little Friends - Perfect for dwarf, hamsters, gerbils and mice. Build a comfortable environment for your small animals.