JanYoo Hamster Hideout and Toys Wheel for Dwarf Hamster Cage House Hut Set DIY Bridge Swing Exercise Kit 7 Pack

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Safe and Non-ToxicOur hamster toys is made of safe materials,which are safe and Non-toxic for your critter to play.Your pets can exercise effectively and promote health by playing these cute colorful wheel toys.
Exercise and EntertainmentExquisite shape and interesting design,hamster can play and hideout freely,this 7pcs toys providing an excellent exercise opportunity for small animal to keep them healthy and active
A Funny Toy SetThe hamster toy set includes 1wooden hamster house,1wooden rainbow bridge,1seesaw,1swing,1fitness ring,1Slideand 1hamster wheel. The syrian hamster toy set is perfect for your small pets' daily use and play.With instructions and tools
Easy to Assemble These pet climbing toys are unassembled and can bring you DIY fun.The detachable design allows you to assemble and rearrange these rainbow wheel and bridges.you can also disassemble them into small pieces for storage and carrying,saving cage space.
Wide ApplicationsThese sport exercise toys for small animals will create a lot of fun to your small pets,such as hamsters, gerbils,dwarf hamster and other small furry animals,come and use these hamster rainbow bridge and the hideout house to decorate pet's home,providing your pets with a fun play spot and hideout toy.