Symoden 15.7" x 118" Matte White Contact Paper Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Removable Contact Paper Thicken Waterproof Wallpaper for Kitchen Countertop Cabinet Wardrobe

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SELF ADHESIVE & REMOVABLE: White peel and stick wallpaper comes with strong adhesive. It is not easy to fall off. Contact wallpaper is easy to reposition and disassemble without damaging your furniture and does not leave any trace on the surface.
SUPERIOR MATERIAL: This white wallpaper looks more textured and uses a high-quality PVC material that is better than other contact papers on the market. 15.7" x 118" of wallpaper means you can paste larger areas to reduce ugly stitching gaps. Waterproof, durable and non-fading.
EASY TO USE: White contact paper has a cropped mesh on the back for easy measurement and cutting. It is very convenient to use and perfect for those who don't want to invest a lot of money but can upgrade old furniture in a quick and easy way.
MULTI-PURPOSE: White wallpaper is applied to smooth surfaces, table and furniture renovation, backsplash, wall decoration, bathroom, kitchen counter, furniture, notebook, dresser drawer, crafts, bedside table, bookcase, door, etc.
RESPONSIBLE FOR WALLPAPER: We are committed to provide premium products and good services for our customer. Our product helps you upgrade the level of your creativity. Use your imagination and create new furniture pieces.