ARRIS Heated Vest 7 Heating Pads Men Women Size Adjustable Electric Heating Clothing for Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Motorcycling with 7.4V Battery

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Size Adjustable - 2018 New Adjusting Method- The new adjusting method makes this heated vest have a nicer look and a wider adjusting range. Perfectly suitable for wearing under a jacket. Simply unzip the zippers under each arm, and replace the panels as needed to adjust to your size. Smallest size doesn`t need any extra panels at all. Unisex: Man, woman and children can use it.
5 Heating Panels & 5 Temperature Control- 5 heating level from 40 to 80(104F to 176F). Perfect for outdoor activities like snowmobile, motorcycle, mountain, camping, hiking, ski, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business. Good for use during fall and winter.
7.4V Powerful Rechargeable Lipo Battery- Up to 7 hours comfortable warmth after fully charged. The portable lipo battery can also be used as a power supply for your phone or other devices. Most heating pads in the market is powered by 5V USB, while what we use is 7.4V battery, which could offer more power and better heat to the pads.
Health Care Heated Jacket- Help promote blood circulation, relief pain of muscles. Best gift for parents and families for coming Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Safety- Built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature. Support Hand/ Machine/ Dry wash. We know you will be impressed with our product and quality service, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately as we offer a 30-day money back.


Size: One for All (from M to XXL), better to wear under a jacket. Suitable for man, women and boys.
Shoulder width: 36.5cm (14.37inch)
Bust: 107cm (42.13inch)
Waist Size: 101-125cm (39.7 - 49.2inch)
Length: 55-58cm (21.7 - 22.8inch)

Exterior Fabric: polyester
Lining: Sandwich Mesh Cloth
Pedding Material:Cotton
Capacity: 7.4V / 6000mAh

Heating Technology:
Thin Micro-carbon fiber heating panels actively
Function for carbon fiber: improve circulation of blood for health care; No deformable, washable, waterproof

Package Includes:
1 x Heated Softshell Vest
1 x 6000mA, 7.4V Lipo Battery and Charger
1 x User Manual

How to Use (3-way switch refers to button switch on the vest)
1. Plug the power cord of the heated vest to the socket of 7.4v rechargeable lipo battery.
2. Power on the rechargeable battery by pressing the power button on the heating vest itselt (Note: the power / temperature switch on the vest will flash red, white, blue when powering on the rechargeable battery pack).
3. Press and hold the power / temperature switch on teh heating vest (not the batter pack) for about 3 seconds. A red LED ligth will illuminate the power / temperature button, now the heating system will begin to work. Sometimes, when pressing the power / temperature switch, the red LED will be not solid but flashing. During flashing, please don`t worry, this means the heating system is in self-inspecting. When this occurs, you can just do the following step: short press the power / temperature switch until the LED cycle through (red-white-blue-red), then it will be back to normal.
4. Press the power / temperature switch on the heated vest to choose the heating level: Red (High) (70-75), White (Medium) (60-65), BlueLow (40-45).