Singer 79 Denim Iron-On Repair Kit, Assorted

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12 iron-on denim patch repair kit, light, medium, and dark denim colors, assorted sizes
Perfect for mending and embellishing blue jeans, shirts, skirts and jackets
No sewing required
Bonus stencil included
100% cotton


The SINGER Denim Iron-On Repair Kit is your perfect fix for ripped jeans, jackets and shirts. Twelve denim fabric patches in three different sizes make mending and decorating clothing and bags simple and easy. Its iron-on design means no sew required, and a bonus stencil ensures a precise cut. Patches come in (3) 5 inch by 5 inch, (3) 3 inch by 3 inch and (6) 2 inch x 3 inch, useful to mend holes and rips large and small.