Umbrella With Waterproof Case - Automatic Open And Close With Rain Repellent Fabric And Windproof Fibreglass Ribs - Compact for Easy Travel - Color Green

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WATERPROOF CASE: This Vumos umbrella comes with a compact black waterproof case. Put the umbrella in the case to stop water leaking in your car, bag, floor etc.
AUTOMATIC OPEN & CLOSE: The reliable auto open/close button responds instantly. It allows you to open the umbrella quickly using one hand. Push the button once to automatically extend the umbrella open, press again to instantly fold the canopy closed.
FIBREGLASS RIBS: The frame is comprised of a black metal shaft and comes with fibreglass ribs meaning the umbrella will be windproof even in strong winds.
RAIN REPELLING FABRIC: Every Vumos umbrella is made from Pongee fabric that is coated to repel water. The rain will slide off the umbrella meaning with one shake the umbrella can be safely put in its case.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If you don't love your Vumos umbrella for any reason then just return it for a full refund. Or, we'll replace it if you have any problems.


Do you hate it when you get out of the rain and your umbrella drips all over your house/car/workplace/shop?

If so then you'll love the Vumos umbrella with its waterproof case.

The case has been designed so you can get out of the rain, give the umbrella a quick shake and zip it into its case. You can then throw the case into your bag or car and leave it somewhere until you're going back outside.

With the auto open and close button the umbrella can be opened easily with one hand and then the canopy quickly collapsed when needed.

The frame is constructed with a strong black metal shaft and fibreglass ribs so the umbrella can cope in strong winds.

The rubberized handle is an ergonomic shape which guarantees comfort and won't slip.

The umbrella is 11.5in when closed and along with the case weighs 12 ounces.

Buy the umbrella completely risk free as if you don't love the umbrella and case for any reason then it can be returned for a full refund.