JPSOR 24 Rolls 1/8" Colored Whiteboard Thin Tape, Gridding Graphic Art Tapes, Grid Marking Tapes Self-Adhesive Chart Masking Tapes, Detailing Tape,Striping Tape,Pinstripe Tape,Violin Tape

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24 rolls colorful graphic tape, with plastic packaging, lightweight and compact. Moderate viscosity, very easy to use.
Size: Each roll is 3mm/0.12" wide and 13m/42.6ft long. Ideal for making grid lines.
12 colors: black, white, blue, orange, red, pink, brown, dark blue, purple, yellow, green, light green.
These graphic tapes can be used on many different surfaces such as glass, whiteboards, walls, paper, wood and metal.
Widely used in data table recognition, distinguishing things and marking your paper works, making line charts, guidelines, etc. Can also be used for gift packaging decoration, card decoration, DIY decoration and so on.


24 rolls of 12-color graphic tape, each roll is 3mm/0.12" wide, and 13m/42.6ft long. Lightweight and compact, very easy to use.
Each roll of graphic tape does not leave a sticky residue when removed and can be teared by hand.
You can cut into your favorite length as your craft tape, for scrapbooks, periodicals, paper crafts, data graphics, etc.

Note: Because the thickness of different colored tapes vary, the width of each roll will be different after rolling up, but the actual length is 13m/42.6ft long.