Iron On Denim Patches for Clothing Jeans 12 PCS, 3 Colors (4.9" X 3.7")

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Iron-On Patches are ideal for mending, reinforcing and decorating many different applications.
These versatile 100% cotton patches can be decorated or die-cut and appliqud to most fabrics (Not recommended for use on nylon, or rayon).
Package contains 12 packs of 4.9- inch-by-3.7-inch patches.
Easy to applied on fabric: only few minutes will take to repair or decorate your clothes.
Each patch is washable at 40 or less: you can use machine wash and tumble dry. Note: the patches are ironed on outside of the jeans not inside.


Package includes:
4.9- inch-by-3.7-inch patches: 4x light blue, 4 x medium blue, 4 x dark blue

Instruction how to applied:
STEP1: Place patch on wanted place front side up (shiny side down)
STEP2: Cover patch with a cloth or towel
STEP3: Iron over patch with pressure for 30 seconds
STEP4: Iron again on the reverse side for 30 seconds
STEP5: Allow to cool
WARNING: DO NOT iron with steam